Patti WorkshopOn June 1-2, Lehigh University hosted “Living our civic values: Creating inclusive, democratic spaces for learning, research, and action” facilitated by Patti H. Clayton, Ph. D. and the CCE’s Director Sarah Stanlick.  Co-hosted by Lehigh University, Northampton Community College, and Moravian College through a regional mini-grant from PA Campus Compact, the event saw attendees from colleges in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.  The conference focused on how to employ values like collaboration, curiosity, diversity, awareness, and even bucket-filling in both our personal and professional lives.

Clayton provided four frameworks which participants used to better understand how to live their civic values.  Ranging from Palmer’s “Five Habits of the Heart that Help Make Democracy Possible” and Burke’s “Guidelines for Effective Dialogue” to the SOFAR Model and “Paradigms of Service Learning and Community Engagement”, the frameworks allowed attendees to reflect on actions at work and in their daily lives.

The conference served as an opportunity to network with faculty specializing in service learning and community engagement, as well as discuss the integration of civic values into non-traditional spaces like STEM classrooms.  With thought-provoking discussion, group activities and time to evaluate current projects individually, participants left feeling motivated to take bold steps in their own lives.

Many thanks to Patti and Sarah for putting together a fantastic event!


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