CCE in the News: Global Citizenship at the UN

lehigh_un_021617The Global Citizenship Program and the LU/UN Partnership were at the United Nations last week to participate in a briefing on global citizenship education. Check out the archived video with many wonderful questions from our students and a statement from our faculty director!


In the wake of a violent week, thoughts from the CCE’s Director

Speechless, but not powerless: in times of confusion, fear, and sadness, we seek the strength, skills, and respect for each other to build stronger communities where all of our citizens are celebrated and included… and can thrive and grow up, old, wise, and in the light of love and respect.

Community engagement is one way to work towards that vision of a better future. The thing that keeps us hopeful are the MANY friends in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, PRIDE Center, Community Service Office, Women’s Center, Literature and Social Justice (English), Africana Studies, the Council for Equity and Community – to name but a few – who are engaging us in discussions and pushing us to be a better version of ourselves. There exist strong voices on campus constantly thinking critically and challenging injustices. This gives us a small glimmer of hope through these waves of sadness.

And we know that this work is not easy and not everyone feels included in inclusion. It’s daunting. It’s hard. It makes us have to confront things that we might not like about ourselves or our society, and some can be paralyzed from having the discussion because they simply do not know how and worry a misstep will reveal their ignorance. Yet, most of us have a feeling that we need to and can move forward to a just world, and are unsure how.

For those who seek that way forward, but are uncertain how to begin, Parker Palmer’s tools from “Healing the Heart of Democracy” are a great start. He outlines 5 habits for each of us to cultivate to challenge, question, listen, learn, grow, and appreciate. When such habits become our second nature, the world and our communities will mirror those ideals. There’s no better day than today to start. – SES

NOTE: This was originally posted to our Facebook page on 07.08.16.

Building Capacity for Ethical, Responsible Community-Engaged Work

Last week, we had the distinct privilege of hosting Patti Clayton here at Lehigh for a few days of professional development workshops.  Delving into day-long exploratory sessions, we discussed a wide range of issues facing the field of service-learning and civic/community engagement (SLCE).  Much of what we discussed focused on understanding and addressing the continuum of service learning and community/civic-engaged work from technocratic (doing service “for”) to democratic (partnering around service “with”).

Lehigh stands at a crossroads in this regard.

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Welcome! Announcing the New Center for Community Engagement at Lehigh

Welcome!  The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is a new resource at Lehigh to facilitate, support, and connect around meaningful, sustainable projects locally and globally.  Founded in August 2015, the CCE is a central hub which all faculty, staff, students, and community partners should feel engaged with and supported by in order to conduct community-engaged learning, projects, and research.  We assist Lehigh’s faculty, staff, and students who are involved with service-learning classes or community-based research projects, mobilizes university-community partnerships to address societal challenges, promotes knowledge and research for the common good, and helps cultivate engaged citizens.

Check out our one-page description of the work and intent of the CCE: LehighCCE_OnePage